Loud, explosion-like noises have been reported in and around the Mullica Township area over the past several days and the source has yet to be determined.

According to a post by authorities on the Mullica Township Police Department's Facebook page on Saturday,

In recent days, Mullica Township residents from the Sweetwater area have reported hearing extremely loud explosion type noises. Multiple 911 calls resulted from these explosions, which caused patrol units to respond and spend valuable time canvassing the area in an attempt to locate the source and ensure the safety of our residents. Patrol units have not been able to locate the source.

Replies to the post indicate that the bangs are being heard in and around Sweetwater, Weekstown, Elwood, and even on the far eastern edges of Hammonton.

If you have any information regarding what these noises might be or where they are coming from, you are asked to contact Det. Heffley of the Mullica Twp. Police Department at (609) 561-7600. Anonymous tips are accepted.

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