Here's something else I have never heard of. Mom and Dad's I so want your opinion on this.

Nature Schools are rather new and they've become very popular here in New Jersey. It's a regular school day but school is outside, every day in the snow, rain, cold, heat, etc. There is no building for the school. From what I'm reading there is a tent or tarp.

Rawpizel, Getty Images
Rawpizel, Getty Images

As I read more and more about this, I totally get reasons why and in nature every day. I believe the ages for these nature schools start young and go to 8 years old. Is it something the kids get used to?

The weather, to me it's just too darn cold and I can't imagine my 17-year-old out in the cold every day. But, this is why I can only find nature schools for younger school-aged kids.

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From the article from and

“Nature school is connecting children to the natural world, so that might look different in different nature schools,” said Melissa Sheppard, the founder of Star Child Nature School, which offers outdoor programs for children 2 to 12 years old.

There are several nature schools in New Jersey: South Mountain Nature School, Painted Oak Nature School, and several others. This is not a public school, it is open to everybody but it is like a private school and dues are do when your child starts this kind of school.

I guess my big question to you Mom and Dad, is this something you'd be interested in? Reading through everything these schools teach kids a lot from confidence to nature. I just think about the weather. Every day the kids are outside for school. What do you think?

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