Neil Young posted a full-length concert video with Crazy Horse, shot in Buffalo on Feb. 16, 1991.

The show hasn’t been edited in any way, though plans are in place to release a version with improved audio and video in the future. Young noted the video is part of his “Uncle Eddie” program, which came to him in 2019 after an aging fan called Uncle Eddie expressed concerns that he wouldn’t live long enough to see all the archive material that's listed for release.

“We normally would have fixed some things, and we will get to it,” he wrote. "We are sharing this with all of you now just as it is – ‘in all its ragged glory.’ … We want you to see this with us.”

You can watch the concert film at Young’s website.

Young noted that coronavirus restrictions meant he couldn’t visit his Neil Young Archives facility to retrieve the master recording, which is why the video isn't in the best shape.

“We want you, our captive audience, to get this piece of Crazy Horse history right now," he explained. "This is for you. An NYA work in progress. Our subscribers will be offered a finished special DVD of Crazy Horse at Buffalo War Memorial from NYA in the future, as the pandemic allows. We will make that tangible recording of this moment happen for you. … But for now, Buffalo is for you, the Horse and Uncle Eddie.”

Young recently announced a series of home-shot sets titled the "Fireside Sessions" as his way of making new performances available to fans during the pandemic quarantine. The first two shows are available on his website.


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