Is New Jersey ready to go electric?

The news broke today that it looks like New Jersey is the next state on an electrified move regarding auto sales.


I'm an EV owner.  Tesla Model 3 to be specific.  I didn’t get this vehicle for an environmental reason (although I do think we should stop messing up the planet,) nor did I get this vehicle for avoiding purchasing gas.  I purchased it because I’m a tech junkie.  Having a car that is upgraded from a software update is a pretty awesome perk.  Having a car that can drive itself on long road trips, is equally as cool.

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Are these EVs for everyone?  They could be.  There are so many misconceptions about electric vehicles and for whatever reason, they became politized, so no one can have a normal conversation.  As always, ignore the diehard, “I’m never buying an electric vehicle because…” people.  You’re never going to change their mind and your EV is probably faster than what they are driving anyway.  Oh yeah, they are quick vehicles, too.

Kyle Anthony, TSM
Kyle Anthony, TSM

Here are some of the things I love about owning an EV.

First, as mentioned before, in a series of upgrades, I was able to get a little more acceleration from 0 to 60, and more range out of my Tesla.  Seriously, a software update made it more fun and efficient.  I also get a ton of entertainment options on the screen.  YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, plus Spotify, and Apple Music. Oh, and video games.

I will never have to take it to get an oil change.  It will need services like brakes, tires, and odds and ends.  I hop on the app, and either a tech comes to me, or if it’s something that will take a little more time, I go to them.  There’s a new service center right in Eatontown.

Fun Features in my Tesla Model 3.

Here’s another cool feature that I didn’t anticipate, there’s no engine or gas tank.  I have so much more room in the back and trunk.

What about charging?  That’s the biggest question.  You’ll see videos on social media of misdirected charging information.  Surprise, right?  I plug in every night when I arrive home.  They give you a mobile charger.  I have an adapter for faster charging – this will take an upgrade to a 240-volt outlet.  It gets me to my 80% (recommended for everyday use) and at that voltage with the mobile adapter, it gets the job done and quickly.  Still, that’s not the fastest option for your home.

Another home option is if you don’t want to add a new outlet right away; you can also plug into your regular 110 outlets, found in all homes, but this is a slow charge.  This is great if you are going to and from work and want to “top off” before the next day.  This is not recommended if you are planning a road trip or need to charge quickly.

Now, what’s faster at home, at least with Tesla, is you can hop on their site and buy a home charger for $500 plus installation.  This packs some serious power.

EVs and Range Anxiety

A big question I get asked is, “do you ever worry about running out of power?”  This is also known as “range anxiety.”  The answer is no.  First off, at 100%, only recommended for long road trips, it can get up to 310 miles per charge.  Newer Model 3s can see upwards of 350+  You're not doing that in a day just driving to and from work.  Another reason I'm never worried is that I’m always charging at home.

Kyle Anthony, TSM
Kyle Anthony, TSM

You may be thinking, “OK, what about road trips?”  Listen, if that is your thing, an EV is fun to travel in.  I’ve had two major road trips in the car, it literally plots out where the Super Chargers are and which ones you should stop at based on destination.  It will even estimate the time it will take to charge.  Most are between 10-25 minutes.

New Jersey is getting ready to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

In reality, depending on your trip length, it could add an extra hour to an hour and a half, if you are going from New Jersey to Florida.  For us, it’s perfect, usually, the chargers are found in big shopping plazas.  I have two little ones, and this satisfies bathroom breaks and meals.  Now, what if you want to stop a little longer, can you charge longer than recommended?  Absolutely, and you can even drive to a charger farther than the next stop.  Puts you on the road for longer, and you are using your longer stop wisely.

You don't have to rely on a Tesla Supercharger.  There are other companies that offer EV charging, that you can plug in, thanks to an adapter that comes with the car.  The one I've used is ChargePoint.  There is actually a CP station in Seaside Heights.

Kyle Anthony, TSM
Kyle Anthony, TSM

When will New Jersey Sell Only Electric Vehicles?

According to News 12 New Jersey, Governor Murphy made the announcement today that he wants all new cars sold, in NJ, to be electric.  The target year? 2035.  Don’t panic yet.  That’s still down the road a bit.  The battery life will become so much better over time.

The big question.  Would I ever go back to a gas vehicle?  Personally, no.  I’m two years into having an EV and not looking back.  We do have a gas vehicle in our household – not ready to go 100% electric, yet – but within the next five years, that could change.

As more EVs are produced and more opportunities to charge become available throughout the country, we could be ready for this transition sooner than later.

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