I'm not a parent, but I've been to a ton of kids' birthday parties. I have to say, I can't imagine what it's like having to go to ten Paw Patrol-themed parties a year.

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That's usually how it works, right? The theme of most kids' birthday parties every year are whatever shows or characters are the most popular at that time. That's especially true if parents decide to host the party in their own homes. Now, that didn't happen too much over the past few years thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now that things have calmed down, though, no doubt a lot more parents will once again host their children's birthday parties at home. For one, it's cheaper. The ultimate downside to hosting a child's birthday party at home? Coming up with fun activities for them to do.

Honestly, how many games can you possibly play that have ANYTHING to do with Paw Patrol? Sure, the games don't necessarily have to fall in line with the theme, but it always seems to be more memorable for the kids if they coincide a bit.

One activity, though, that kids will love regardless of the actual theme itself is NJ's newest party sensation! Ever hear of bubble parties? Bubble parties are now a HUGE thing in the Garden State and adults and children alike are LOVING all the fun it brings to the event.

Once the bubble truck pulls up in front of the house, the kids go NUTS every single time. Now, I personally don't know anyone who has hosted a bubble party, but judging from the video that's going nuts on Facebook right now, it actually looks like a blast. Check it out:

You can find out more information about how to book a bubble party for your child with the gang from NJ Bubble Parties HERE.

Source: Facebook

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