We now know what will be moving into the former Wawa store on Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township.

It appears that the Verizon store, which is currently on Tilton Road, will be moving into the old Wawa on Tilton Road.

Verizon store in Northfield NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Using our highly technical, highly specialized investigative skills, we can assume the current Verizon store, since it has a "for sale" sign posted out front, will be closing and moving a mere 1,026 feet away.

We've been watching work progress rather quickly at the old Wawa store over the past few months. And again, using our highly technical, highly specialized investigative skills, we also happened to see the outside of the building painted in Verizon's grey color and a new "Verizon" sign being installed today (don't try this level of investigative reporting on your own -- leave it to us professionals).

Wawa at Tilton Rd. & Hingston Ave., Egg Harbor Township - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

Just writing about that old Wawa store, still one of our favorites ever, brings back great memories. You see, that Wawa in the Tilton Times Plaza, which closed back in 2017, was an old school strip-mall Wawa. It wasn't one of those fancy Super Wawas we see everywhere. The parking lot for this one was always crowded and cramped, the store was small, it seemed to always be bypassed when others near it were remodeled -- but the workers there were great and they would even call you "hon" when you were checking out. That Wawa was a real Wawa. Oh, how we miss it.

Anyway, the new Verizon store appears to be opening in the very near future.

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