It's usually customary to choose a party theme based on whatever the child is interested in at the time. Paw Patrol, Blippi, and even Disney's Encanto are some pretty popular ones I've seen floating around social media lately. What if you're a parent who thinks out of the box? What if you don't want to throw your kid a party based around a movie or popular television show?

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I've been seeing the most adorable idea making the rounds on Instagram lately that's just too good to keep to myself. I wish we had this theme when I was a kid, because I definitely would have pestered my mom for this one.

Have you ever heard of teepee parties?

Basically, you can customize your teepee theme to your kid's interests and these people will come to your house, set up the teepees according to the theme you've chosen, and provide everything you need for your child and his or her friends to have an epic teepee adventure for the night.

Is your kid into fairies? Have a fairy garden-themed teepee night. Does your kid like the rainforest and the jungle? They'll decorate those teepees to make the kids feel like they're camping outside in the Amazon. It really is SUCH a cool idea!

There's even a local team right here in South Jersey that will come to your house to set it all up for you.

Check them out HERE.

Source: Instagram

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