No surprise here! Regardless of how much the rest of the country LOVES to make fun of us, New Jersey's home to some pretty smart individuals.

One thing all Jersey haters can't talk smack on the Garden State for for is the quality of education available to students who choose to go to school here. Sure, there are PLENTY of other things to dump on us for in their minds. They cannot, however, have anything bad to say about our school systems nor our colleges and universities.

As it turns out, New Jersey residents are pretty smart. For one, many of them have received a college education. That places us in the top ten list of most educated states in the entire United States of America. No, really! A recent survey even stated as much!

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According to the folks over at WalletHub, New Jersey has ranked as the top 6th state overall for education. That means that the Garden State is officially the 6th most educated state in America. Our individual statistics are pretty good, too! New Jersey ranked in the 4th highest percentile for people with Bachelor's Degrees, the 7th percentile for Graduate Degrees or higher, and even came in at the number one spot for the gender gap when it comes to degree attainment.

Source: WalletHub

Don't let anyone talk down to your smarts, NJ! Clearly, we've all studied pretty hard. We've earned some pretty awesome educational accolades. People love to call us "stupid" for living and learning here in NJ. How stupid are we now? Apparently, not at all.

Source: WalletHub

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