You can purchase a train or bus ticket using NJ Transit's mobile app, but you don't have the option through the agency's website,

Now that's changing — slightly — with a pilot program that's making ticket buying more convenient for folks who want to travel on the Atlantic City Rail Line.

Beginning Wednesday, customers traveling on the ACRL are able to buy their tickets here.

"This new pilot program will give customers another way to purchase tickets and utilize our services, while expanding our customer base to include those who may not have access to the mobile app and may be more comfortable purchasing tickets through the website," said Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, NJ Transit Board Chair and commissioner of the state Department of Transportation.

The move is also meant to benefit visitors from outside the region who are attending events in Atlantic City or Philadelphia and don't wish to download the NJ Transit app.

Customers need a credit/debit card and an email address, and access to the internet, to complete an online purchase.

NJ Transit says it will evaluate this test run to determine whether website ticketing can be expanded throughout the rail system or for other modes of travel.

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