Jimmy the Donkey is getting older and really needs to watch his diet.

That's the word that was posted by Deborah Patterson of Greenfield, Upper Township.

Patterson is talking about the lovable Jimmy the Donkey of Frog Hollow Bakery on Route 50 in Cape May County.

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Frog Hollow bakery has been making doughnuts and other sweet treats for some time - and people rave about their goodies!

From Yelp:

"The donuts are exactly the same as they were when I was a child. There's nothing like a warm sugar or cinnamon sugar donut...we ate one as soon as we got in the car..." Kristen W.

"Homemade donuts of many flavors and sticky buns are the finest around. I have always enjoyed their opening each Spring since I was a young girl." Liliha.

If you're hungry right now, you'll have to wait, as they're closed for the season. They open again in April.

Getting back to Jimmy, the lovable donkey that can be found outside the business. According to the Frog Hollow Bakery's Facebook page, Jimmy is getting on in age, but apparently also likes to pose for a photo or two!

Facebook - Frog Hollow Bakery
Facebook - Frog Hollow Bakery

Now, according to Patterson's post, ol' Jimmy needs to watch his diet, and that means no more carrots. "He can no longer digest fructose a sugar found in foods like apples and CARROTS."

Patterson kindly asks that you respect the sign posted at the bakery and don't feed Jimmy. A photo or two? Jimmy's good with that!

SOURCE: Facebook - Frog Hollow Bakery and Yelp.

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