There are so many places that you can think of in South Jersey that have the "best sandwich".

But one publication named the very best sandwich in every state with one local sandwich taking the top honors in New Jersey.

The website Inside Hook named the best sandwich in every state and came to a decision by using their own experience eating across the country and pulled in some local experts: chefs, hotel managers and authors.

So what sandwich in New Jersey was named the very best in the state?

How about the brisket sandwich at Wildwoods BBQ in North Wildwood.

During the pandemic, Aussie pals Joel Romano and David Gill (formerly the pitmaster at Brooklyn’s Hometown BBQ) relocated to the Jersey Shore and opened Wildwoods BBQ, where they’re smoking the most luscious, fat-rippled, heavily black peppered brisket this side of Texas. It’s incredible on its own, but maybe even better as a sandwich joined with house-made cucumber and onion pickles and a dab of sauce on a soft potato roll.

Located at 701 New Jersey Ave in North Wildwood, I have been told by other chefs in the area that this place is legit and that this brisket sandwich is no joke.

They are Open daily 12pm-8pm or sold out

So other nearby best sandwiches?

Well over in Delaware you have the Roast Pork Supremo at Ioannoni’s Specialty Sandwiches in New Castle.

“Having lived and cooked in Philly for ten years, I can sacrilegiously but confidently say that this version is at least as good as John’s and Dinic’s,” says Tyler Akin of Wilmington’s Le Cavalier. “The pork, broccoli rabe and bread could not possibly be more perfect. Gild the lily with some house-roasted long hots. These true masters would be operating the best sandwich shop in Philly if it were 20 miles north.”

Up in Pennslyvania, the very best sandwich? No it's not the cheesesteak, but The Boom at Angelo’s South Philly Pizzeria in Philadelphia.

What other noise could this legendary, elusive, supersonic South Philly sandwich make? Fresh mozzarella, stay-crisp chicken cutlets and deadly stuffed long hots gather on a house-baked seeded roll. It might have pizza in the name, but Danny DiGiampietro’s Italian Market shop is sandwich heaven.

So what is your favorite sandwich in these areas?

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