Cris Pannullo thinks the contestant who finally beat him on Jeopardy! 'got lucky', but feels 'incredible' about his experience on the game show.

Pannullo,38, the customer success operations manager and former poker player from Ocean City, admitted on the "Inside Jeopardy!" podcast that he feels like "every day has been remarkable and just a dream".

Pannullo ended his 21-game win streak last Tuesday with a top-six, all-time winning total of $748,286

Cris lost to  Andy Tirrell — who ended up losing the following night.

Pannullo said of Tirrell, 'He got lucky", putting the loss more on his own failings.

“His mind was just a little more open than mine at that moment,” Pannullo added about the moment he lost to Tirrell in Final Jeopardy!

If I had opened my mind a bit more and not gotten so pigeonholed in there I think I may have come up with it, but you can’t come up with it all.”

But Cris still feels 'incredible' about his amazing Jeopardy! performance and teases that his time on the show is only over 'for now'.

“Everybody loses on ‘Jeopardy!’ but very, very few people win 20 games, very few people win three-quarters of a million dollars, or a half-million dollars, or a quarter of a million dollars or a hundred thousand dollars,” Pannullo told producer Sarah Whitcomb Foss. “I can’t be anything other than ecstatic even having just lost.”

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