Galloway Township officials, you better listen up about this one. The parents of your current students are NOT messing around here.

You know how there's the four schools in Galloway, including Absegami High School, all within the same general area? Since they're all within the same vicinity, you can imagine the horror that is the traffic congestion in that region of the township during school drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon.

Everyone from parents to school bus drivers are in agreement with this: there should be a traffic light at the intersections of Reeds and Wrangleboro Roads so it's easier to make a left turn onto Wrangleboro. Unfortunately, it's been difficult to do that for years, but with more and more people moving to this area and sending their kids to the schools within the township, the traffic patterns are getting scarier and scarier.

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Several parents have voiced their horror stories on Facebook about how long it takes them to go a measly few miles due to the traffic back-ups, but some people are even claiming that lives are in danger due to people using the church that's right down the street as a means to make a quick u-turn and travel back down Wrangleboro in the opposite direction.

Basically, instead of making a left turn from Reeds Road onto Wrangleboro, several people are turning right onto Wrangleboro, pulling into the Jersey Shore Baptist Church's parking lot, and speeding through there to get them onto Wrangleboro in the direction they need to go.

Obviously, the system that's in place now to direct traffic during school hours isn't working. Something needs to be done in an effort to keep everyone safe. Whether that means getting an officer there during those times to direct traffic or installing a stoplight, parents don't really care which. They just want something to be done about it.

Alright, Galloway Township officials, your move. What can you do about it?

Read the comments from concerned parents for yourself HERE.

Source: Facebook

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