You can finally press play on those previously scheduled day trips to the city that you had on pause due to the vaccination mandates.

The city of Philadelphia has officially lifted the vaccination mandates for indoor establishments as of Wednesday, February 16th. The mandates were put in place in early January of this year in what multiple sources today are saying was a supposed to be a temporary measure in an effort to minimize the spread of the Omicron variant.

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Now, apparently city officials and health experts are satisfied with the numbers and how cases have continued to steadily decline over the last few weeks. So, as of Wednesday, diners can once again enjoy Philadelphia eateries and indoor businesses regardless of vaccination status. Masks, however, are still encouraged to be worn.

Not only has Philadelphia lifted the mandate, but the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia has also confirmed that fans can return to the sports complex, vaccinated or not. That new standard goes into effect as soon as Thursday, just in time for the next home Flyers game.

You may be wondering how restaurant owners are feeling about this decision. According to, several owners are actually feeling relieved since they saw business take a turn for the worse over the last few weeks. They figure that people who live in the suburbs weren't coming into the city because, in most places, children five years of age and older had to have received the shot in order to eat indoors.

You can check out what a few restaurant owners had to say about the mandate being lifted HERE.


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