Eight days after being found in an unresponsive state on his school bus, a 12-year-old child from Gloucester Township died. But, little remains known about what happened.

The boy, a fifth-grade student at Gloucester Township Elementary, had reportedly suffered an undisclosed medical emergency on January 24th, according to FOX 29 news.

He was initially taken to Jefferson Hospital in Washington Township, Patch.com reports, before being transferred to Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania where he died on February 1st.

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Camden County Prosecutor's Office mounted an investigation into what caused the student's death that is ongoing, but the lingering question is, 'What happened?'

How did the boy become unresponsive while riding the school bus? He presumably got ONTO the bus okay, so what transpired after that to leave him in such a state that he'd later die?

A letter sent by the school to parents states that the school's nurse was among those that responded to the emergency, FOX 29 reports, so the bus made it to the school the morning of the incident before the child was discovered.

Presumably, police are speaking with the student's fellow bus riders and the bus driver to get a clearer picture of what happened before they release more information to the public, but other parents in the township want to know more.


Larry Reese Jr., who has a student at the school, expressed to FOX 29, 'Our kids go there every day we have a right to know what’s going at the school or on the school bus.' Clearly frustrated, Reese went on to say, 'No one will answer any questions or return phone calls.'

There are currently no posts on the Camden County Prosecutor's Office official Facebook page addressing the incident, but we'll continue to follow this story as more details become available.

Do you think the school and police should be more transparent with parents regarding what lead to the death of the 12-year-old?

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