After 19 years of filling our homes and TV screens every afternoon, Ellen DeGeneres and "The Ellen Show" said goodbye last year.

It's wild to think "Ellen" doesn't consume our afternoons anymore, however with daytime talk shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Drew Barrymore Show increasing in popularity over the last few years, maybe it's time to make room for the next generation. After all, Oprah did it, right?

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Still, for fans of "The Ellen Show", the last year has been bittersweet, to say the least. Each day was filled with nostalgia mixed with a twinge of heartbreak as the audience as well as the showrunners prepared to move on. Leading up to the show's final day on the air, fans were being treated to some really great bits from the show's many years past.

One of the memories that stands out to those of us who hold the Garden State in our hearts is an episode featuring Ellen working as a toll booth operator. She wasn't the average toll collector, either. Actually, instead of making people pay the toll, they got to cross the bridge for free. Some people even drove off with some goodies gifted to them from the host herself. Judging by the video now making its way around social media for the first time since it originally aired in 2007, Ellen seemed to have given away A LOT of tickets to Broadway.

Take a look:

Ellen captured the video "I ❤️ New Jersey". The final episode of "The Ellen Show" is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 26th, 2022.

Source: Facebook

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