A quick trip to a home improvement store the other day got me thinking about parking.

I wanted to look at some solar lights for my patio recently (I know what you are saying-- "Chris, can you help me live an exciting life like you do?" -- I know...), so I stopped by Lowe's in Egg Harbor Township. I quickly noticed that being able to pull into a parking lot and taking the first empty spot that you could find isn't so easy.

It really wasn't all that long ago when there were two types of parking spots -- those reserved for handicapped people and the rest of the lot was a free-for-all.

Not any more.

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Now, some of these are certainly well deserved -- and I am not complaining about many of them -- I'm just including them as examples of the various groups of people that now get their own parking spots (and please read some of my descriptions with a bit of sarcasm and snarkiness in mind).

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