South Jersey and all of the Jersey shore are currently dealing with the remnants of the devastating storm that rocked southwestern Florida. Once what was left of Hurricane Ian reached the coastline of the Garden State, luckily it didn't have enough strength left to completely ravage our shores.

With that being said, certain areas of South Jersey are currently dealing with some serious flooding issues that not only has kept kids from attending school for a full day this week, but has also caused a lot of problems on the road. That's to be expected, surely. Those that live within Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May counties are particularly used to that being common each time a storm rolls in.

Still, you'd think people would've learned by now to take it easy on the roadways if traveling is necessary in this weather. According to some recent posts to an Egg Harbor Township-based Facebook group, apparently not. Many residents have turned to social media to complain about people not exactly driving safely during conditions like the ones we're experiencing at the present.

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You'd think people would slow down on the days when the rain seems to barely cease. People have complained about drivers cutting them off, people not slowing down, etc. There was allegedly even a school bus within the township that got into an accident.

So, what's the issue here, people? Why are so many not proceeding with caution?
It's raining outside. We already know it's going to take some extra time to get where we all need to go right now. Better to get there alive and safe, wouldn't you say?

Let's all just take a chill-pill and slow down on these roads for the next few days, alright?

Read the complaints made by local residents HERE.

Source: Facebook

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