There's something in the water in the air, as they say, when it comes to bussing for school-age kids here in Atlantic County.

I say that because if it's not one issue, it's another. This school year, I was reading multiple people in Mays Landing having issues with the school bus schedule for their kids. Then, it was about people seeing buses driving erratically. Now, a resident in Galloway has shared her horrifying story about someone almost allegedly barreling down her son because they didn't adhere to the bus at a stop.

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That's probably the most enraging story I've heard so far. Who doesn't stop for a school bus? That's extremely unsettling to hear. Children's lives are at stake when they're getting on and off the bus. Think about it: some of them have to cross a busy street after exiting their school bus to get home. So, as a driver, why would you ever NOT stop when you see a school bus about to come to a complete stop?

This mom was so shaken about what she had witnessed and what could have happened to her son that she felt it necessary to remind people what a bus's different flashing lights mean. Truth be told, it could be a good lesson for anyone to learn if you don't have school-age children.

I can't imagine being a parent and watching that scenario play out. Imagine the horror that would have flashed through your mind at that moment. You can't blame the mom for wanting to raise awareness for this issue.

Bottom line: ALWAYS stop for a school bus. It's wild that it even has to be said. Think of the children boarding or exiting. Don't you want to make sure they're safe?

Source: Facebook

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