Missing the Rita's Water Ice on Blackwood-Clementon Road since it closed and got knocked down earlier this year? You're in luck!

The Rita's location that used to be located on the corner of Blackwood-Clementon Rd. and Cherrywood Drive is reopening about a mile down the road.

Back in early June, the old Rita's Water Ice was demolished out of the blue to make room for the future Super Wawa that's being built in its place.

The former Entenmann's Bakery right next door got razed, too.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And that was IT! No Rita's Water Ice for nearby residents all summer long.

It always seemed to be a pretty busy Rita's, so I thought for sure it moved or reopened elsewhere. But only this month did 42 Freeway break the news that Rita's had found a new spot to set up shop further down Blackwood-Clementon Road towards Lindenwold.

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The new Rita's Water Ice is reportedly taking over Valu Cleaners in Lindenwold Shopping Center at the corner of Laurel Road.

Google Maps; Canva
Google Maps; Canva

While there's been no confirmed timeline for when the Rita's remodel of Valu Cleaners will be complete, we've gotta hope it's shooting to be open by Summer 2023.

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