Rush announced new tour programs for their first three album road trips, as none were published at the time the events took place.

The Missing Tourbooks Collection includes 16-page titles for 1974’s Rush and 1975’s Fly By Night and Caress of Steel, with an additional litho print of the Fly By Night cover for those who buy all three in a bundle.

“While leafing through your Rush tourbook collection, have you ever noticed there are three studio album tours with no tourbook?” a statement reads. “We had to correct this! And correct we have done, with The Missing Tourbooks Collection. We went back in time, collecting photos, artwork, gear lists and much more from the tours for Rush, Fly By Night and Caress Of Steel. One benefit we had with this project is the ability to use modern 2020 printing techniques and materials, resulting in three unique tourbooks. The Fly By Night tourbook is huge, the Rush tourbook feels great, and the Caress tourbook, well it just shines.”

Last year, frontman Geddy Lee recalled how the trio were “very green” during their first U.S. tour in 1974.

“We didn’t even have cases for our equipment,” he said, “so our road crew of two guys and us kinda embarked on this fantasy lifestyle, which was not very glamorous.” He added: “It was exciting to be playing small venues, big venues – it didn’t really matter. Playing with actual well-known bands. It was great watching them cavort backstage and live the high life. And we just kinda sat there, like timid little Canadians, watching, taking notes!”


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