By now, you're no doubt ready for the cold weather to head on out from our neck of the woods.

The late winter months are always rough ones here in South Jersey, but I might have stumbled upon one of cutest videos, if not the cutest one you'll see all day. If anything, it's a sign that summer is on its way.

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I checked into all my Facebook Groups to see what everyone was talking about this morning, and there it was, the most adorable video of the day. You can't help but smile at the sight of a precious little sea otter living its best life out in the water.

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The otter was spotted splashing around the Hereford Inlet which lies right between Anglesea and North Wildwood. A woman spotted the otter enjoying its time in the water and quickly grabbed her phone to document the cuteness. Once posted to Facebook, of course everyone's going nuts over it. Sea otters are up there with kittens and puppies. They're irresistible.

While these winter months may feel like they're dragging on for what seems like an eternity, watch this otter flip around in the water and you'll immediately feel excitement in your belly for when summer and sunshine finally return to South Jersey. It won't be too long now.

Look how cute this little guy (or girl) is! WATCH:

Hopefully, this little one has some friends nearby. Usually, when there's one, there's more. Here's to hoping we'll spot more of them this summer.

Source: Facebook

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