Man....and I thought exercise in general is rough.

A Somers Point woman went above and beyond and unofficially broke the Guinness record for most chest-to-floor burpees in 12 hours!

Her name is Gena Laielli and on Saturday, she more than delivered during her 12-hour marathon session at her gym, Gen Fitness.

She surpassed the previous record of 4,689 burpees at 6:14 PM but continued until 7:40 PM which is when the full 12 hours were completed. We are still waiting on the exact tally from officials!

You want to know the craziest part of this story? Gena did very little to actually prepare for the record-breaking 12 hours. Burpees are already a normal part of her daily workouts but extra prep for 12 straight hours of exercise is impressive.

Laielli also took it a step further by adding a fundraising aspect that has affected her 6-year old daughter: Omphaloceles which according to, "is an abdominal wall defect in which a child is born with their organs outside their body."

Gena....congratulations. This is such an amazing accomplishment and the fact that you were able to tie it in with something that has personally affected your life is so admirable.

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