Because we are a tourist area, South Jersey uses home cleaning services quite a bit.

What Kind of A Cleaning Service Do You Need?

You will find that some of the home cleaning companies specialize in home changeover services, at least in the summer. Others may concentrate on regular customers or construction cleaning jobs, or all of the above.

How to Choose a Home Cleaning Service

The first thing to decide when choosing a home cleaning service is whether to hire an individual or a professional cleaning service.

An individual can provide a more personal touchit may be easier to get to know them, give them specific directions.

A housekeeping company is a good choice if you’d like the work done quickly, as they usually send out several employees at once to clean your home.

Though much quicker and more reliable, a home cleaning company may not have the time to be as thorough with cleaning or remember specific instructions for cleaning your home. However, a company is more likely to be insured and bonded.

Some Questions to ask a home cleaning service

- What kind of cleaning services do you offer?

- How do you charge and do any services cost extra?

- Will they bring their own cleaning supplies, and if so, what cleaning supplies do they use?

- Can you provide references for your work?

We have scoured through the South Jersey Yelp listings looking for local companies with good reviews to give you somewhere to start on your search. Good Luck!

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