It's Girl Scout cookie time - just in case you didn't know.

A local Ocean County Police Department has issued a warning that many should certainly heed.

With tongue firmly in cheek, the Stafford Township Police Department has issued a statement "warning" about the highly addictive nature of the Girl Scout cookie.

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Obviously, it's a joke! It's a fun way for the department to offer encouragement to the girls and the long tradition of seeling the (highly addictive) cookies.

Honestly, someone over at the Stafford Township Police Department is very creative! Here's a little of their warning:


We have received a significant amount of intel from Departments all over the Country. Lately, we have gotten numerous reports of an extremely addictive substance that is being pushed in and around the Township of Stafford. This item from the outside is seemingly harmless, but only those that have suffered from this, know the true damage it can cause.
This item isn’t new, but it seems to only get “Pushed” for a short period of time. The dealers of these items are tricky. They will stand outside popular public areas such as grocery stores, outdoor stores, and gas stations to try and push their product on you. These people are often disarming by giving you an innocent smile and being courteous and friendly.
That’s how they get you… And then it happens… You’re hooked...
Their warning goes on to discuss the various types of cookies, and they offer to help anyone who needs to "dispose of the highly addictive substances."
Stafford Township Police Department
Stafford Township Police Department
Again, it's all in fun, reminding us all that it's the most wonderful time of the year: Girl Scout Cookie Season!
Bravo, Stafford Township PD! Bravo!


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