For whatever reason, South Jersey always gets the shaft when it comes to everything new and trendy. Sure, we may get a cool new restaurant or excursion every once in a while, but the rest of the Garden State always seems to get to enjoy them first. The same certainly holds true with grocery stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

Well, you can add another one to the list that the Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem County portions of South Jersey will likely never see.

In The Know: Foodie shared a video on Facebook showcasing an entirely new shopping experience. Whole Foods 365 is a version of the grocery store with a twist: this new version of Whole Foods claims to be "millennial-friendly".

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What exactly does "millennial-friendly" mean? Apparently, it's the same health-conscious standards of Whole Foods, but a more convenient shopping experience that adheres to the millennial mantra. Even more, this new store features discounted prices, so millennials are flocking to this grocery experience because the bill can actually fit within their budgets.

Whole Foods 365 is also loaded with technology. There's a scanner that tells you what to pair with the beer sold in-store and a pizza phone that you can use to order a take-out pizza on and pick it up when you're done shopping.

The cafe upstairs also features beer on-tap and a bunch of locally grown, organic options.

Does this sound like something South Jersey will see constructed anytime soon? If you've lived in this area for a while, you won't be holding your breath. We've been rallying for a Trader Joe's for years and still don't have one of those. It's okay to dream, though.

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