That tweet says it all. The rebirth of NYC. This is going to be as big as it gets.

We told you on-air how legendary music executive Clive Davis was organizing a concert for Central Park that was going to feature enormous names. Is Jersey’s Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bruce Springsteen enormous enough?

Much remains unknown about the show. We know from Mayor Bill de Blasio that eight major acts are supposed to make up the entertainment.

We know Paul Simon is one of them. Simon is no stranger to performing there. He reunited with Art Garfunkel in 1981 for The Concert In Central Park in front of 500,000 people.

We know Jennifer Hudson is another of the eight. The other five have yet to be announced.

While we don’t know for sure the date, we know the New York Times reported the likely date would be August 21. That would be on a Saturday, for those wondering.

We also don’t know whether this will be Bruce alone, with a small backing, or with the entire E Street Band.

Springsteen, a guy I like to think of as our poet laureate of a blue collar generation, typically does a three-hour show. Not likely in this case having to share the stage with so many others.

A June 8, 2021, NYT piece speculated Alicia Keys could be another performer based on her ties with Davis. Going by that criterion, there are so many Davis-associated artists who could fill out this roster.

Pushing 90 years old, Clive Davis discovered or shaped the careers of Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Pink, Santana, and so many others. As for Bruce Springsteen he auditioned for Clive Davis in 1972 right in his office and Davis signed him immediately. Seven years later he sold out Madison Square Garden.

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