Well, South Jersey certainly has been the place to spot some pretty epic wildlife these days, huh?

It all started with the alleged cougar sighting in Galloway Township, Atlantic County, back in early March. According to a Galloway resident, she was out with her dog and claims to have seen a cougar that got within a few feet from both her and her dog. The woman said she knows the difference between a bobcat and a cougar and has no doubt that it was the latter.

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Once that story broke, of course, everyone had an opinion upon discovering it on social media. Some comments said there's no way that's what the animal was. Others, however, support the woman's story and claim they, too, have seen cougars in South Jersey.

Whether or not that's really what she saw, it's still a wild encounter, to say the least.

Now, a story and accompanying video come out of the Wildwoods. In the neighborhood of Anglesea, just northwest of North Wildwood, a woman was able to capture video of a pretty bold coyote out and about in that area during some hours of the night.

There are coyotes in South Jersey; this is not a shocking development. Yes, coyotes have inhabited this region for many years. They're generally nocturnal creatures and it's uncommon for them to be so conspicuous around humans. Coyotes are usually skittish; they usually try to remain hidden at all costs. However, when food sources are dwindling, their instincts will take over. This one was definitely looking for something to eat.

Take a look:

It's not too surprising that so much of South Jersey's wildlife are appearing in more populated areas as they are desperate for food since they're being pushed from place to place with all of the land development. Truth be told, these run-ins will, most likely, only increase as time goes on, unfortunately. It's pushing them further and further, even into the beach towns!

Source: Facebook

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