Now, this one cuts me pretty deep.

If you're anything like me and you're someone who has worked two, sometimes three jobs most of your adult life thus far, then you know exactly why I'm a little offended by this headline.

A recent survey ranked every single state in the United States based on how hard-working people are from there. According the survey, New Jersey came in at one of the bottom ten spots. So, that means that compared to the majority of the United States, New Jersey is considered one of the least hard-working states there is.

How insulting!

Apparently, the metrics used to determine each state's ranking were things like employment rate, hours included in an average work week, commute time, and the number of people within the state working multiple jobs.

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That's not even a complete list of all the metrics examined. You can check out the full list HERE. After taking a good look over them, no doubt you'll be confused as to why New Jersey didn't rank higher up, too. Since I'm from the South Jersey/Jersey Shore area of the state, maybe we're a different breed compared to the rest of the Garden State? Who knows?

What I do know, though, is that this part of the state is full of people who work by the sweat of their brows day in and day out to support their families. A large chunk of people I'm acquainted with even work multiple jobs.

New Jersey comes in at number 43 on the list of hardest-working states in the US. Obviously, the number one spot went to the state the metrics deemed to have the hardest working citizens. Are you ready for that result?

North Dakota.

North Dakota was deemed to be the hardest working state in the country. Are you scratching your head like I am? Check out the full survey HERE.

Source: WalletHub

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