Is Sunday night the new Monday morning for job stress? A survey from human-resources firm Robert Half finds that 4 in 10 workers admitted having the "Sunday scaries" — angst about Monday at the end of the weekend.

Half's metro market manager, Joe Carrabs, says they pin a lot of it on so-called "workplace creep."

"Business is moving faster than ever. Many employees feel the strain of pressing deadlines, heavy workloads. Stressed out employees can have detrimental effects on the department or company including decreased morale and productivity," he said.

Some of the highest levels of anxiety were reported in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Denver and Cincinnati. The lowest levels were in Nashville, Tampa, Portland, Minneapolis and Boston.

The Robert Half survey also found that 1 in 5 workers have a "challenging" relationship with their boss. About 17% in the survey reported they're stressed because they don't like their job duties.

Carrabs says stress management is key, on and off the job.

"Protect your time. Unplug on the weekends, speak up and take a break," he said.

He says when you're on the job, "talk to your manager about your work load and ask for help. Also take a break. Step away from your desk. Go for a walk and grab a snack. If you can't get outside look away from the computer and focus on non-work related activity for a few minutes."

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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