Looks like they'll never get invited to the pool party again.

Gnarly pictures have been shared by the Gloucester Township Police Department in Camden County that features a black Jeep Cherokee that crashed into somebody's backyard and into their swimming pool. The crash occurred on Monday, August 23rd between 12:30 and 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.

The post shared by the Gloucester Township Police Department says that the Jeep actually wound up in the pool after hitting a car on the street and crossing through another backyard first.

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When you click on the post, you'll notice that you can't comment on it. The comments have been disabled. By the looks of it, it sounds like the police didn't want too many opinions from the peanut gallery about what went down. The pictures shared with the post are pretty wild, so it seems like they don't want a lot of comments or speculation about the matter while they're investigating.

The local fire department and both the Camden County AND Gloucester Township's emergency management offices had responded to the scene. By the time the police arrived, the driver was already outside the vehicle.

Early Tuesday morning, the police posted an update about the incident. Apparently, the car has since been extracted from the pool via a giant crane that lifted it from the water and back out onto the street. The pictures are a wild sight to see, that's for sure. Once again, police felt it best to turn off the comments for that post, as well. Check out the pictures of the extraction below:

Source: Facebook

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