Remember those butterflies you'd feel in your stomach when you set out to wreak some havoc, innocent as it may have been, when you were a kid?

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When I was little, well... a teenager, we used to go explore places we definitely shouldn't have been just for the thrill of it. I can't even keep count of how many times my friends and I attempted to see the Atco Ghost on Burnt Mill Road. I should probably apologize to all those who live on that street. I'm sure all the kids on the hunt for the Atco Ghost constantly driving up and down the road drove you nuts. For my part in that, my deepest apologies. Thank you for the fun, though.

For some reason, I'm drawn to adventures like the ones this guy, TheUnknownCameraman, always embarks on. He travels around Jersey to some really eerie places. This video is from 2011, so I'm curious if anybody knows anything about what became of this property.

The video is titled "Abandoned Somers Point House - NJ," however people commented to say that the house is actually in Egg Harbor Township, two miles outside of Somers Point.

When they entered the basement, at which point I was half expecting a ghost to pop up at any moment. It was eerie.

The house was mostly empty with the exception of what looked like office shelves, a few pieces of furniture, and a raccoon decoration. Some commenters claim that it was a post office at one point, which makes sense with the shelving.

TheUnknownCameraman via Youtube

Source: Youtube

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