Are you ready to eat?

Turkey day is basically here! Hopefully, by now, you've figured out what all you'll be serving for your big feast! No doubt, you'll have the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all of that. The main course is always delicious.

What are you serving for dessert?

I've been chatting with my friends about what we're all serving for sweets at our various celebrations and I realized that almost all of us serving something else in addition to the staple dessert of the evening: pumpkin pie.

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So, now I HAVE to ask the question. How many South Jersey families will be offering a chocolate option for dessert this Thanksgiving? After chatting with ten of my closest gal pals, six of us will be offering something chocolatey to go along with the pie for the evening.

Now, I know you won't find that offering everywhere you go throughout the U.S. Naturally, it got me wondering if serving a chocolate dessert for Thanksgiving is a Jersey thing. So, is  it?

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash
Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

I'm not knocking pumpkin, sweet potato, or pecan pie. Believe me, I love it all. That's funny to even say for me; I'm not a big dessert person at all. Salty foods are my weakness.  Thanksgiving desserts, though, happen to be my favorite.

It's just funny to me that so many people I know will be serving some chocolate on a holiday that, traditionally speaking, doesn't include it as a dessert staple. Maybe it really is just something, like pork roll, that New Jersey loves more than the rest of the country.

Only one way to find out for sure. TAKE THE POLL:

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