It was a late summer afternoon and I drove a family member to the Wawa at English Creek and Ocean Heights Avenue in Egg Harbor Township.

As we were pulling out of our parking space, I drove away from the intersection and behind the store, headed to the road that can be found going away from the store and the opposite direction of the English Creek/Ocean Heights intersection.

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"You can't go this way", she said, "Look! That's a 'No Outlet' sign!"


That, my loved one, is a lie.

I claim it's the biggest lie in Egg Harbor Township.

Yes, the sign does say "No Outlet", but there is in fact an outlet - actually a couple outlets!

The road from the back of the Wawa leads into the Village Grande - "an active adult community"  or "55+ adult community" in Egg Harbor Township.

You can easily leave from Wawa, go to the stop sign, hang a couple right hand turns, and you're out of the development onto Mill Road. You can also go a couple different ways and end up on High School Drive.


So --- the "No Outlet" sign is a lie --- someone (I assume the Village Grande community) just doesn't want you to go that way. They're thumbing their nose at us, and want us to stay away. "Stay Out" the sign should say! You can actually go that way, they just don't want you to!

Wait! Aren't those roads public? Don't my taxes help build and maintain those roads?

Maybe I don't want people driving through my neighborhood either! Where can I get a "No Outlet" sign?

Come on Egg Harbor Township powers that be! Stop lying to us! Take that sign down!

I'm OK with a sign that says, "We prefer you don't come through here", but to just lie and say, "No Outlet"? That's just not right!

God Bless Egg Harbor Township and God Bless America!

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