Tis the season for spooky and scary stories, and if you've lived in the state long enough you know that New Jersey is home to some of the scariest legends in the entire country.

The Devil's Tree is located in an empty field on Mountain Road in Bernards Township in Somerset County. There are so many frightening stories and disturbing legends associated with this terrifying tree, according to Weird NJ including, a farmer killing his entire family and then hanging himself from this evil tree.

Numerous suicides and hanging have been reported around the tree and legend has it that if you try to cut down the sinister tree you will have an untimely end to look forward to.

Weird NJ also says that during the winter no snow will fall next to the tree due to the unnatural warmth of the souls who lost their lives near this bone-chilling tree. If that wasn't enough of a reason for me to stay clear of this horrid tree, according to stories, right next to the tree is a very warm rock called heat rock, which some say is the Gate to hell. Now I'm officially freaked out!

Would you ever make a trip to check out this sinister tree?

Source: WeirdNJ.com

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