If the Garden State is known for one thing, it's definitely the food!

You can travel anywhere in the country, but those that have always say that New Jersey's the best when it comes to pizza, bread, and Italian food. Heck, some people would say it doesn't even matter what kind of food you're talking about; New Jersey just does it better.

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One kind of food New Jersey is well-known for is our diner food. There's a reason they call the Garden State the "Diner Capital Of The World". Believe it or not, Jersey didn't invent the diner concept. We did, however, take the idea and run with it. There are so many diners here in the Garden State, South Jersey, in particular, that you'd be hard pressed to drive through a town that doesn't have at least three diner options for you to choose from. That's just the facts.

The same can be said for our beach towns. It's not only the mainland that gets to enjoy the glory and deliciousness that comes from a Jersey diner. Diners are so popular here in South Jersey, in fact, that people who vacation in the beach towns often will hit up social media to see which diners they should try while staying on the various islands.

Someone asked the people of the Wildwoods that question just the other day, and boy, do they have an opinion! Many of Wildwood's awesome diner options were thrown out there in the comments for consideration, but the one that people seemed to suggest the most was Vegas Diner. Vegas is technically in North Wildwood, but people from up and down the 5-mile island swear Vegas is currently the best.

You can read everyone's diner suggestions for up and down the Wildwoods HERE.

Source: Facebook


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