This subject, the best donut shop, will get a lot of different answers. I feel like many have their own favorite donut shop. We have a famous donut shop (Uncle Dood's) right outside our studio doors! So when we do an article about the best donut shop in New Jersey, we will hear a variety of answers, but Finance Buzz put together a recent article that featured the best donut shops in America, including right here in the Garden State. "What’s not to love about donuts? They’re great when you’re on the go, small enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without overwhelming you, and can turn the Monday blues mood of your entire office on its head."


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According to Finance Buzz, the best donut shop here in New Jersey is located in Monmouth County at Broad Street Dough Company. "Broad Street sells 40 different flavors of donuts every day, so you’re guaranteed a good time no matter which day of the week you visit Broad Street Dough Co. But if you can stand to wait until the weekend, you can grab weekend-only treats like a chocolate chip crueller, devil’s food cheesecake donut, and cinnamon cannoli. The bakery currently has three New Jersey locations and accepts custom orders for one-of-a-kind celebrations." Courtney Cook Courtney Cook



So do you have a favorite donut shop? Have you been to Broad Street Dough Company in Oakhurst? What's your fav donut there? Give us your thoughts and post your comments below. Now grab a cup of coffee and go get a donut!


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