The countdown to Halloween 2019 is on.There are certain places and creatures that come to mind whenever we think about Halloween. Monsters, ghosts, abandoned buildings, and of course cemeteries just to name a few.

I always get an uneasy feeling whenever I have to visit a cemetery. I usually can't wait to leave, even before I arrived!

Here's a list of some spooky cemeteries where you might discover a darker side of South Jersey for this Halloween.

  • 1

    Batsto-Pleasant Mills - Hammonton

  • 2

    The Union Cemetery - Dennisville

  • 3

    The Lincoln Memorial Cemetery - Mays Landing,

    There have been strange occurrences happening at this cemetery according to Ghosts of America. Some say if you talk aloud to a specific spirit, a mysterious force will lead you to their grave. Spooky stuff!

  • 4

    Eglington Cemetery - Clarksboro

    Another haunted graveyard according to Fun New Jersey. Lots of reported sightings and disturbances. This cemetery is over 200 years old and is oldest cemetery in the nation that's still currently in operation.

  • 5

    Lakeview Memorial Park - Cinnaminson

    One of South Jersey's Most Beautiful Garden Cemetery but, it's also called Cinnaminson's Most Haunted.

    According to and Haunted Places, at night, little children's footprints appear in the dirt. People may see them forming as invisible little boys and girls wandering around the graveyard.

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