Throughout Atlantic County, especially places like Galloway Township, Egg Harbor Township, and Hamilton Township, you can come across many developments with more or less "cookie cutter houses."

Cookie cutter houses might be defined as houses is a neighborhood that essentially all look the same. There may be some slight color differences, but most of the houses were built in the same time period, with identical or very similar floor plans.

I have found a house that is definitely not cookie cutter.

It would probably be the opposite of cookie cutter.

We have no idea what the house look like inside, but outside, it is very different.

The house is in Egg Harbor Township.

Whoever owns the home has decided to "personalize" the outside of the house. I guarantee you, there isn't another house on the block - or anywhere - that looks like it.

As you can see, the house has a lot of artistry throughout. We noticed that the house has even undergone some changes over the last 5 years. In the 3 photos below, there is a picture of the house, taken from Google Maps in 2014 on the left, and an updated photo from this year. There are some changes.

Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps

If you own the home, please know that we celebrate your artistry!