Winter seems to be taking just a little bit of a break here in South Jersey. Don't be fooled by the warm temps this weekend, the bitter cold, snow, slush and ice will be here before you know it.

First the good news - According to our Lite Rock meteorologist Dan Zarrow, we could actually come closer to 60 degrees on Saturday and over 60 on Sunday with morning rain and wind. That's like spring weather in January!

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Winter will be back so if I were you, I would absolutely take advantage of the warm, spring like weather and get outside this weekend!

  • Daniel-Mario Di Capua
    Daniel-Mario Di Capua

    Have Lunch Outside

    Get out of the office and take your lunch break outdoors. You can leave the gloves and winter coats back at home for now!

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    Hit the Beach or Stroll the Boardwalk

    Go for that early morning walk or run on the beach or stroll along the boardwalk. I'll tell ya, it's truly something I miss doing during the colder months.

  • Polka Dot Images
    Polka Dot Images

    Go for a Bike Ride

    Get the bike out of the garage, dust it off and go for a ride!

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson

    Enjoy Lunch Outside

    Maybe your favorite restaurant will let you sit on the deck for one day only. Can't hurt to ask!

  • DenisePohl

    Get Your Winter Stuff Ready

    Hate to burst your warm and sunny bubble but, we still have a long way to go until spring. Take this break from the chilly action to make sure you have everything you need to get you through the next winter storm. Check for decent shovels, ice scrappers, rock salt, etc. Now is the time to stock up!

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