I think we all know just how good the beaches are here in New Jersey -- but one town just knocked it out of the park.

Locals and visitors alike all know that you can find everything at the Jersey Shore.

World-class entertainment, restaurants, and casino gaming can be found at the end of the Expressway in Atlantic City, Seaside has some of the best nightlife around, and Ocean City and Wildwood are amazing for families.

We really do have it all here.

And now "having it all" means one of the best beaches on the planet can be found in the Garden State.

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The UK edition of Tripadvisor's top 25 beaches of the United States list has been released and among all of the gorgeous beaches in Hawaii, Florida, and beyond is one city in New Jersey.

At #11 is Cape May.

I love the Cape May Beach. It is escapism away from the hustle and bustle of town and of all the crowds. People just relax on the beach, read books, talk amongst themselves and just relax. It is a step back in time to when people still talked, and cellphones did not exist.

Of course, Cape May is no stranger to the national spotlight.

The writers at Conde Nast Traveler recently released their list of the 26 most beautiful towns in America, which looked at locales from coast to coast, border to border.

Cape May Lighthouse
Cape May Lighthouse (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

Yep, Cape May was on that list, too.

A perfect marriage of charm and history, the town’s historic Victorian district, and miles of intricate, candy-colored manses make for prime early-morning-stroll viewing. The tiny peninsula also offers some of the best birdwatching in the country—and, from March to December, fantastic whale watching.
Google Maps
Google Maps

As for what to do in Cape May, whether it's March or August, let's take a look...

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