A threat circulating online about a potential shooting at Egg Harbor Township High School on Friday has been deemed to be not credible.

According to a statement from Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Gruccio that was posted to Facebook by a citizen of the township,

A snap chat thread was circulated today and made its way to Egg Harbor Township High School (EHTHS). The thread included pictures of a message on a cinder block wall that read, 'HHS shooting 12/10/21.' A high school student brought it to the administration's attention. After alerting our security and emergency management, we have found it not to be written on any walls in EHTHS, nor is it mentioning EHTHS.

The picture of the wall with the threat written on it was actually from Hightstown High School ("HHS") in East Windsor, NJ. Officials there conducted an investigation and deemed the threat to that school to also be not credible.

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Officials in Egg Harbor Township continue, "We feel confident our students are safe and we applaud the students for sharing with the high school administration so it could be investigated."

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