Cops in Williamstown, Monroe Township, say three people were arrested after a search warrant was executed at a home Thursday. Two people live at the home while the third drove-up as cops were on the scene.

Monroe Township Police say the searched a home in the 500 block of Mink Lane. During the search, police found 42-year-old Barry Becker and 49-year-old James Becker to be in possession of, "various narcotics and drug paraphernalia." Authorities also say James Becker attempted to destroy evidence as they were entering the house.

It was also discovered that both men had outstanding warrants for their arrest.

As cops were getting ready to leave, they say 33-year-old Lynnmarie Manysab drove-up to the house. Police stopped her vehicle where they discovered she had a suspended license and was in possession of heroin, crystal meth, and drug paraphernalia.

James Becker was charged with two counts of possession of CDS and tampering with evidence.

Barry Becker was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Manysab was charged with two counts of possession of CDS, drug paraphernalia, driving while suspended, and drugs in a motor vehicle.

All three were released after being charged.

Residents with information about drug activity within the township are urged to contact police.

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