The coranavirus has caused so many disruptions in our daily life including going out to eat, shopping, going to the movies or casinos and going to the gym.

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All South Jersey gyms are quiet and empty due to the closing ban from the virus. Here are some tips from and the website Sunlife to stay fit and trim while you spend most of your time cooped up at home.

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    Watch Exercise Videos Online

    There are so many awesome exercise videos to watch on You Tube. From yoga classes to exercise routines and so much more.

  • lzf

    Walk or Run Around Neighborhood

    Breathe in the fresh air and take a vigorous walk or run around the neighborhood. Walks should be more than 10 minutes.

  • Ridofranz

    Virtual Fitness Class

  • GeorgeRudy

    Put On Gym Clothes

    It helps if you actually dress up like you are indeed going to the gym. Plus, you'll feel much more comfortable for your workout.

  • Wavebreakmedia Ltd
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd

    No Gym Equipment- No Problem

    Squats and push ups will do the trick of keeping you fit. Try using soup cans or water bottles for hand weights or extra resistance.

    Be sure to warm up first. You can walk up and down the stairs to loosed up. Try 10-15 repetitions of squats and push ups. Be sure to rest 35 to 40 seconds between each set.

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