Maybe it's just all the social media algorithms doing their thing, but I've been seeing A LOT of people say they've been seeing more and more deer in their yards, on their hikes, and even on the roadways.

According to some Mays Landing locals, I'm actually not too far off. Someone posted to a local Mays Landing-based Facebook group that they're concerned about all the baby deer (fawn) getting hit along various roadways within the borders of Hamilton Township in Atlantic County. Now, we all know the deer population seems to be out of control here in the southern-most region of the Garden State, so it's no wonder they're getting a lot bolder in comparison to years past.

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With the Jersey Shore and South Jersey regions becoming more and more populated with each passing year, there's really nowhere left for the deer to go. So, it makes sense that they're not as afraid of human interaction as they once were. That means that we're more likely than ever to see them as we're driving.

Obviously, you have to be careful in the areas where you're most likely to encounter one. However, it's getting harder and harder to pinpoint those specific locations since deer seem to be venturing out into the more populated regions with less and less of a care.

That last statement proves to be true since one local shared that they spotted a few baby deer that had clearly been hit on the side of the road on the Black Horse Pike. They asked if there's anything that can really be done about it.

The truth is, probably not. As previously mentioned, common sense leads one to infer the likelihood of this to continue as the South Jersey region continues to get built up. Don't want to see all the baby deer getting run over? We've got to preserve more land. It's highly unlikely there's any other solution.

To check out the conversation being had by all the Mays Landing locals, click HERE.

Source: Facebook

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