Triumph bassist Mike Levine says that physical concerns make it unlikely that the band would ever tour again, but also reports that the trio have discussed a return to the recording studio.

Levine, guitarist-vocalist RIk Emmett and drummer Gil Moore performed an invitation-only three-song reunion show in November, which will feature on upcoming documentary Triumph: Lay it On the Line.

Asked recently by WRIF (via Blabbermouth) about the chances of further touring, Levine replied: “The answer is probably not. But you never say never because you don’t know.” He continued: “I think we’re all getting on in years a little bit; there’s some physical issues that may just not make that possible. Playing three songs, that’s okay, we can do that. But playing a dozen songs, I’m not sure that would work on a big stage, because we’d all probably fall off the stage or something stupid.”

However, he offered a more positive response when asked about the possibility of a follow-up to Triumph’s most recent album, 1992’s Edge of Excess. “We actually had a discussion about that, whether we wanted to go in the studio and waste some time together and see if we can come up with anything,” he said. “Yeah, when everybody’s calendar has got some open space, we might consider that.”

Last year, Levine told UCR that the trio decided to perform for 300 fans because they "thought it would be nice to do something special." He explained: "We knew fans were coming in on their own dime to take part in this Q&A with us and to check out the memorabilia as part of the documentary." He said he'd been blown away by the reaction of a group of Brazilian fans, who'd never seen them live before. "[A]s soon as we began playing, they rushed to the barrier, crying and waving their hands. To see that kind of unfiltered reaction from them was just amazing."


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