Who doesn't love waking up with the perfect Cup O' Joe?

So who has the best cup of coffee in our area?

The beauty of this debate is there is no right or wrong answer. It is all about personal preference, and which type of coffee is your favorite.

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We could go on and on about all the great spots for coffee down the shore. Every town has its top spot, from Brigantine to Cape May and everywhere in between...the list of spots for great coffee is a long one! But only a few local coffee shops were recognized as being among the best in South Jersey by the website Tasting Table.

First up was Ocean City Coffee Co which has three locations throughout Ocean City, with two on the boardwalk and one at 917 Asbury Ave.

Our go-to local spot in a favorite beach town is Ocean City Coffee Co. in Ocean City. The shop has three locations: two on the boardwalk and one on Asbury Avenue where the good shopping is. Some of the highlights for us at Ocean City Coffee Co. include its chai, the iced mocha, and honestly the take-home bags of coffee for sale on display. The bean blends are fresh and aromatic, and you just can't be sad when at O.C. Coffee Co.

The second coffee shop on the list is over in Atlantic City, Hayday Coffee at 155 S New York Ave.

The shop considers its signature drinks on the menu to be the Loaded Chai, the French Toast Latte, and the Golden Hour, and we have to agree with that — they're so good that it may seem like a hoax. It's not, though — it's just Hayday. The menu knows what it needs to accomplish, and you can create so many unique, customizable coffee options from what's on hand.

I've been to both of these coffee spots and would say they are both worth trying, but there are a ton of other great options in the area if you can't get to one of these spots!

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