If you hail from either the Philly or South Jersey regions, more specifically Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Atlantic Counties, then you've at least hear mentioned once or twice the legend of the Atco Ghost.

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The Atco Ghost is said to be a little boy who died when he got hit by a car after bouncing his basketball in the street right outside his house. The tragedy supposedly went down on Burnt Mill Road in Atco. It's super easy to get to, as a matter of fact. All you have to do is follow the White Horse Pike going westbound if you're coming from Atlantic or Cumberland counties and eastbound if you're coming from the vicinity of the other two.

Once you've made your way to Burnt Mill Road, you're supposed to go through a series of steps that essentially call the ghost to you. The ghost is said to have appeared as a mist which outlines the silhouette of a little boy. Creepy, right? It's also rumored that people sit in the woods back there and wait for people to come tempt fate so they can chase them out of dodge.

Well, two brave young Youtubers decided to test out the legends and see what they could find:

So, they didn't find anything. However, multiple people say they've experienced creepy things on Burnt Mill Road. Try it for yourself at your own risk.

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