New Jersey has some unique places to visit and South Jersey has a coupe of places you should check out this spring.

New Jersey Digest came up with multiple unique spring road trip destinations in the state of New Jersey and came up with two South Jersey locations to visit this spring. This list is for nature lovers in New Jersey, where they found caves, castles, waterfalls and more outdoor activities to visit before the hot summer months.

The publication mentions two "hidden gems" with one in being Blue Hole in Hammonton.

There are many blue holes or cenotes in the Garden State. The two most popular are the Cains Mill Road blue hole lake, the larger of the two, which is a common site for partying, off-roading, and swimming. The large pond has a record of swimmers who’ve met their end or come close to it. The second, the Blue Hole of Hammonton, is located off of Inskip Road, about a mile west of the Cains Mill Road blue hole.

The other spot they suggest you should visit this spring is Sunset Beach in Cape May. Sunset Beach is known for its amazing views at both sun rise and sun set.

A popular site for ocean sunset photography, uncommon for New Jersey, Sunset Beach in Cape May is a beautiful, picturesque beach known for its flag-raising ceremony held daily from Memorial Day weekend through September since 1973, flying flags from the caskets of veterans. The beach is also famous for being the site of the Wreck of the SS Atlantus, one of 12 concrete ships built during World War I.

Stop down to see many of the sites at the very tip of the state, including whales are migratory birds, its proximity to the SS Atlantus, a partially submerged concrete ship off the beach and more.

Look at the full list from the entire state of New Jersey here.

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