A Cape May Country elementary school yearbook has a cartoon-like reference to President Donald Trump - and a number of parents and local residents aren't too happy.

The yearbook features the above depiction of a cartoon dog, wearing a democrat-themed t-shirt, holding a sign that reads, "Pugs Against Trump."


It appears the cartoon is actually the cover of a book. From Amazon: The "Pugs Against Trump" Journal, with lined pages, is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves pugs and hates President Donald Trump's policies."

This blank line journal can be used as a prayer journal, gratitude journal, daily journal, budget journal, food diary, or diary."

A number of people had spoken out about the photo, including dozens on the Facebook group page, "You're Probably From Upper Township if." The post that contained the comments, though, has been removed.

A photo of a letter, reportedly from the school's principal also appeared on the page. The letter offers an apology for "any unnecessary stress or emotion that these images have caused."

A photo of the letter is below, followed by a "zoomed-in" version of the same letter.